Posted: March 9, 2011 by Mike in Uncategorized

We have learned that through hard work, dedication, and perseverance, most anything can be achieved. Currently, playing hockey is our profession and our primary focus.  Even though hockey consumes the majority of our time, we have found a very unique balance outside of the sport. Our hearts not only lie embedded in the frigid ice arenas in which we have skated for nearly two decades. They cling to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Salmon filled rivers of Alaska, and the warm breezes of the Caribbean. This blog will give readers an inside look into life as a professional athlete as well as our adventurous lives outside the rink. It will focus on diet, nutrition, and fitness as the foundation for an athletes success. Additionally, we will blog about the key components that create a balance in our lives; skiing, backpacking, biking, and fishing will be the primary focus.

  1. wadnoid says:

    nice start guys!!!

  2. wadnoid says:

    sweet site

  3. kimyshnl says:

    very cool! i always like to say that hockey (even tho i’m better at watching than playing), music and the great-outdoors are my sanity saviors. 🙂 so i’ll definitely be following along.

  4. Matt Fornataro says:

    Love it fellas, write about how you throw 80 pound dumbbells at each others heads in the summer!!

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