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Playing hockey has been my passion since the age of  five and has been my job for the past two years. After almost  graduating from the University of Denver (3 classes away from a real estate/finance degree) I decided to peruse a hockey career.  The lifestyle although physically and mentally demanding seems to be just what the doctor ordered. On a daily basis I am able to enjoy the essential elements of my life : FAMILY (includes everyone you surround yourself with), HEALTH (physical fitness, diet, nutrition),  SPIRITUALITY (whatever you believe in or not believe in), HOCKEY, and Adventure (Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Hunting, Snowshoeing, or anything outdoors usually with someone I love i.e. Mom, Dad, Mikey). I never for a moment take this for granted and feel very grateful for the opportunities that I have had.

Mikey was the brains behind the creation of the blog but I will take credit for the idea. I think through all of our debates and discussion I sparked the idea in his head. Although we both think extremely alike our skills could not be further apart. Mikey is a born forward putting up good offensive numbers (9g,18a,27pts.) while I have played defense most of my life and would rather not add up all the points. Haha!  Mikey is the one you ask about technology, music, movies, fashion, twitter, scoring goals and dishing sauce (a hockey pass). While I’m the one you can ask about backpacks, boots, hard/softs shells outerwear, adventure and military books, fly-fishing rods, and guns.  While we both love to talk and learn about nutrition and fitness we have our own opinions on supplements, foods and training. We usually know where each of us is coming from but we don’t always see eye to eye.

Just the other day Mikey said he wanted to cut sugar from his diet. I said that’s retarded because you can’t just cut all the sugar. I mean much of what we eat is sugar based. I went on to explain that fruits and veggies are pretty much just sugar in a different form. There are many forms of sugar and our body reacts differently to each. Although I don’t know exactly what a scientist or nutritionist would say, it seams to me that the sugar he should cut out is the high fructose corn derived sugar. We argued for about 30 min leading up to practice. This is  usually the time we leave to talk about whats on our mind since we sit right next to each other in the locker room. Really cool BTW!   Even though there is research on each side of the high fructose corn syrup argument, we came to the conclusion that foods that have HFCS are processed and probably contain much more sugar than foods with a natural sugar base. This would therefore increase the amount of sugar that you are intaking realitive to the amount you would be intaking if it was natural. I’m sure I’ll hear about this one tomorrow!

Some good articles!


Quote of the Day:

On Pat Tillman deciding to train for a triathlon in the off-season, which seams to me a real unusual thing for a professional football player to do.

“Pat was agnostic, perhaps even an atheist, but the Tillman family creed nevertheless imparted to him an overarching sense of values that included a belief in the transcendent importance of continually striving to better oneself-intellectually, morally, and physically.”  Where Men Win Glory By: Jon Krakauer

Good Night

  1. Brian says:

    High fructose corn syrup is evil. It tricks the body into thinking it’s hungrier than it is. It is more concentrated than natural sugar (the high fructose part of the name). I know I lost a lot of weight when I switched from regular soda to diet, though artificial sweeteners have their own problems.

  2. TO5 says:

    Sorry Mikey but I have to side with JP on this one.

  3. Greg says:

    I’m going to agree with JP that you can’t cut out all sugar. But you definitely need to cut out high fructose sugar. Don’t ever drink sugars. Only drink water and recovery protein drinks. But when choosing what fruits and veggies to eat, try and find some that are low on the glycemic index. Example, berries are better for your than pineapple or watermelon and Broccoli, asparagus are better for you than squash or white potato.

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