Posted: March 21, 2011 by JP in ADVENTURES

How do you like playing in Glens Falls? A frequent question that always gets my mind thinking. How should I answer it this time? The standard answer being very broad and bland. Only more time and detail is needed to actually answer that question. I always respond I love it here! There is a lot to do from fishing, to hiking and snowshoeing. After the response a subtle yea right, your just trying to be nice, you have to be kidding me, this place is snowy and miserable in the winter but you should see it in the summer. I then in a more stern voice and direct look into their eyes I say again I really do like it here and we have had an a great time. Then the conversation usually takes a turn and they ask where I played last year and I tell them Houston, TX.  I get the responses, oh it must have been nice there,  or something along those lines. I usually tell them that I really liked it there too. I was able to go flats fishing for red fish, lay out in the sun, and hang out at central market. I will say if your ever in Houston and need groceries it is the store of all stores. Flats fishing in the gulf is a real cool experience that every angler should try. There are a lot of species and cool fish that are very worth fishing for. You can just wade into the little bays for miles and miles looking for tailing fish or just blind cast into freshly muddied up waters created by the feeding flats fish. The water is usually pretty cloudy but when the fish are tailing it’s a fun and sporty endeavor.  Although fishing with a boat would have been a little easier I did manage to catch a few reds and a little sea trout. Here are some pictures from Christmas Bay near Galveston, Tx.

A typical day off usually entails sleeping in, napping, and sometimes even… sleeping some more in order to prepare for the next onslaught of games. But on occasion there have been times when getting outdoors was just the getaway I needed. I believe that getting outdoors has two great healing powers. You heal both physically and mentally. Even if the trip was short and very easy I always came back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Here in Glens Falls some of the usual trips include snowshoeing up buck mountain, Mount Adams, 5 mile Mountain, Prospect Mountain, and around Fort Ticonderoga. Carley and I have become regulars to Buck Mountain, one of our most frequent hikes. Buck Mountain is 3.3 miles to the summit  from the pilot knob side and 2.3 miles from the back side. This hike has been a favorite of ours because of the proximity to Glens Falls and the beautiful view from the summit. From here you can see spectacular Lake George and the high peaks region. Below is Carley crossing a stream on the way to the top of Buck. It’s a very worthwhile hike if you’re time is limited and you don’t want to drive very far. Another snowshoe that was fun was 5 mile peak. Mikey and I had some trouble finding the trail head but when we actually got on the trail we had an enjoyable time. The most exciting snowshoe was my Mount Adams attempt. I didn’t make the summit because of a large snowfall the night before. It was a slow and hard trek but very eventful. The trail takes you over a river on a small cable bridge, it crosses a lake on a hidden frozen bridge, and continues straight up the mountain. The hike was compared to an “Indiana Jones” type trail and really lived up to the description. There are many other hikes on my list and I wish I could have hiked one of the 46ers but maybe I’ll leave that for another time. Nothing beats a good trip into the back country to heal the body, mind, and spirit. It doesn’t matter where you are there is always something fun and exciting to do, see, or explore.

  1. Brett Cochran says:

    You guys should hit up the Saratoga Track in the summer. I’m not a big ponies fan, but it’s fun to get bet 2 or 3 bucks on some of the races. There’s lots of good food at the track as well.

  2. Brian says:

    We locals can usually figure out how well a newcomer to the area is going to do by whether they adapt to the rural-ness and cold or whether they complain about it. If you’re snowshoeing, then you’ve adapted.

    If you want to hike a 46er, try Cascade (you can do that and Porter in the same hike). It felt to me like an easier grade than Prospect, just longer.

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